Film list

Tomorrow (2015), L’Urgence de Ralentir (2014), Food Coop (2016), En Quête de Sens (2013), Before the Flood (2016), Cowspiracy (2014), Humans Need Not Apply (2014), Inspiring Citizens (2016), L’échappée Solidaire (2014), Food Choices (2016), Un altro mondo (2014), Food Relovution (2017), Pachamama: manifesto per la madre terra (2016)
Viaggio in camper nell’Italia che cambia! – Il Documentario (2016)

Ted talks:
Talks to help you find your purpose
Talks to restore your faith in humanity
How do you solve a problem like the climate crisis?
Social Good, Inc.
The global power shift
The quest to end poverty
TED’s how-to guide to everyday life
Talks to form better habits
Slow down! Enjoy life.

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